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Your Community eLearning Partner

“Online learning is not the way of the future. It is the only way forward in the present”.

- Megan Samuel-Fields, CEO, SamuelFields Consulting Group

What is eLearning?

eLearning is an instructional method that utilizes digital assets to deliver content to grow knowledge, shape behaviors and increase motivation. While some assets may be text based, online training often incorporates other forms of media such as audio, video or infographics.

Selecting the right e-learning partner can go a long way in giving your learners the highly creative, engaging and impactful content they deserve. It requires the collaboration of various highly specialized skill sets such as: instructional designers, graphic designers, facilitation, training and technology specialists. To manage this diverse pool of resources and concentrate on core functions, many organizations turn to SamuelFields Consulting Group.

Our Learning Solutions

We will create the right learner journey by coordinating live webinars, and virtual educational events such as workshops, conferences and trade shows to meet your business goals and objectives. During these live events, experts share knowledge, ideas, and updates giving participants a deeper understanding of the featured topic. Our training programs span virtually every industry and include metrics and assessment tools to measure levels of engagement, progress and success.