Accounting and Financial Services

Our accounting services professionals provide our clients with value-added accounting and outsourcing services including tax, audit, financial, and business valuation services for your business

Receiverships, Bankruptcy & Insolvency

SFCG is experienced in handling all aspects of bank receiverships: debtors, creditors, government, and regulatory bodies.  Our team is knowledgeable on bankruptcy and insolvency laws in the Caribbean and tax implications related to businesses that are insolvent. We have successfully managed the collection of excess of $100 million in outstanding bank loans and made payments to depositors in a timely manner.

Personal Financial Management

SFCG is focused on the financial well-being of our clients and we work to design and create strategies aimed at enhancing and improving financial health. We are experienced in tax, financial planning and legal support and offer an integrated approach and roadmap to success.

Legal Services

We have positioned our practice with the flexibility to either provide teams of lawyers when needed, or one-on-one service where necessary. We assist them in navigating the legal landscape by providing the highest quality advice, coupled with extraordinary service to deliver exceptional results. Areas of practice include:

Business Restructuring and Turnaround Services

SFCG helps underperforming and financially challenged companies improve their business performance with turnaround strategies such as operational audits, HR audits, asset maximization and profitability reviews to determine the best way forward.

Strategic Planning and Policy Development

We offer strategic planning and policy development support to SMEs to ensure business growth and success by focusing on the mission, vision, and values, as well as long-term goals and action plans to execute strategic goals and initiatives.

Marketing and communications

Marketing exists within a state of constant transformation forever changing the way brands engage with consumers. Our marketing team supports a range of brands, corporations and other entities in travel, financial services, packaged goods, public health and education. We help develop strategies to improve the digital experience, consumer engagement, research and insights to deliver innovation and growth. We create editorial, asset content and place it in a range of outlets via traditional and non-traditional earned and guaranteed media platforms.